Signature Recipe Series: Duck and Black Bean Chili

rclodge_duckblackbean (2)The second Duck Season here at Rough Creek Lodge is nearly over, which means you’ve probably already had your fill of duck this year! But hold on just a minute before you hang up the rifle and take duck off the menu, because we can bet you’ve never had your catch prepared Rough Creek style.
Duck has always been quite the delectable dish, especially down here in the southern states. This means plenty of people have tried to come up with different ways to serve the bird. However, you have an advantage over the masses. With the help of Chef Gerard and his signature recipes, you don’t have to settle for the ‘usual’. You can turn your average duck dinner into a mouthwatering flavor-packed adventure!

The recipe is prepared as followed:

Rough Creek Lodge & Resort Duck and Black Bean Chili
¼ Cup Vegetable Oil
2 Lb Diced Small Duck Thigh or Breast – No Skin
1 Tablespoon Chopped Fresh Garlic
1 each Diced Onion
½ Cup Diced Red Pepper
½ Cup Diced Poblano Pepper
½ Cup Died Yellow Pepper
¼ Cup Masa Harina for thickening
½ Cup Shiner Bock Beer
1 Cup Cooked Black Beans
1 Cup *Ancho Chile Puree
1 Tablespoon Toasted Whole Cumin
3 Cups Duck Stock or Chicken Stock
Kosher Salt to Taste
1) Heat oil in large pot
2) Add Duck and Sear very well.
3) Add garlic, onion and peppers
4) Add The Masa, cook 2 -5 minutes until browned
5) Add Shiner Bock Beer
6) Add cooked black beans
7) Add Ancho chile puree and cumin.
8) Add chicken broth and bring to a boil
9) Season with Salt and let cook for 15 minutes.

Garnish with Goat Cheese Sour Cream, Scallions & Cilantro
*Ancho chile puree
Place 3-4 (seeded) ancho chilies in hot water. Let sit for 10 minutes. Place in blender with 1 cup of fresh hot water and puree until smooth.

Valentine’s Day at Rough Creek Lodge

rclodge-romaticretreatPlanning out the perfect Valentine’s Day for your significant other? Well, Rough Creek Lodge and Resort is here to help. When you book our Special Valentine’s Day Package you can rest easy knowing that everything will be taken care of for you. From a relaxing day at our on-site Spa to an award-winning dinner followed by fireside s’mores, we are well suited to accommodate your romantic escape this year. And if relaxing isn’t what you’re aiming for this time around, don’t forget about our 650-Foot Long Zip Line and 45-Foot Long Climbing Wall!
Worried about the kids? Don’t be. Within the included Kid’s Party we have plenty of supervision, kid-friendly dinners, games, movies and other fun activities to keep your children entertained.

And as if this day won’t be sweet enough already, when you stay two nights you will receive a $75 Gift Card! In case you were wondering… this can be used towards spa services… hint, hint hubby!

Trophy Bucks and a Lot of Ducks

rclodge-trophypackages‘Tis the season! The hunting season that is. And just in case you didn’t quite get your fill of Duck this year, Dec. 20th marked the start of the second regular Duck Season. This second season has been highly anticipated after such a bountiful first half, and with the weather cooling down there is promise for an even better showing as the ducks begin to get pushed into Texas territory.

But you aren’t here just for the ducks, why not knock out two birds with one stone and stick around for a chance at bagging a Trophy Buck? We’re in the middle of a great Deer Season here at Rough Creek Lodge, and offer special hunting packages for both deer and duck hunts. Our specials are geared toward providing you with everything you’ll need for a successful hunt. And yes, these packages do make the perfect Christmas present for that special hunter in your life… Nothing say’s “I love you” like a professional guided hunt and relaxing weekend!

For your convenience we have listed the season dates below:

Duck Regular Gun 2nd Season: Dec. 20 – Jan. 25th
Deer Regular Season: Sept. 27- Feb. 28th

Signature Recipe Series: Grilled Quail | Rough Creek Lodge

quail-recipeWith Texas having some of the most prolific lands for hunting, it’s no surprise that hunters from all over the nation end up at our front door. Whether you’re venturing out for sport alone or to bring home natural food for your favorite wild game recipe, Rough Creek Lodge & Resort provides both the means and the services to make your trip truly memorable.

After you’ve bagged your game and prepare to throw it on the grill, let us help to add some delectable flavor to your seasonal meal. One of our classic recipes prepared by Chef Gerard will turn your grilled Quail into an annual tradition with the family. This delicious rendition of a classic meal prepared by Chef Gerard was recently featured in Texas Monthly’s article “Ten of Texas’s Best Far-Flung Fine-Dining Establishments”.

The recipe is prepared as followed:

Grilled Quail with Sherry Maple Glaze

For the Marinade – Serves 8
8 ea Texas Quail
1 ea Lemon – zested
1 ea. Shallot – finely chopped
2 ea. Garlic clove finely chopped
1 T. Chopped fresh thyme
½ Cup Grapeseed oil
Rough Creek Chili Seasoning

Add quail and Marinate for up to 4 hours. Remove from Marinade, season with salt and pepper. Grill over hot fire until cooked through

For the Glaze
½ cup 100% Pure Maple Syrup
½ cup Sherry vinegar

Reduce until syrup consistency

Poblano Pepper Cheddar Cheese Grits
1 Qt Water or Lite Chicken Broth
1 Cup Homestead Grits Mills Stone Ground Grits
Salt and Pepper to taste
2 Tbl Unsalted Butter
2 Fresh Grilled Poblano Peppers (Diced & Seeded)
½ Cup Diced Tasso Ham
½ Cup Grated Cheddar Cheese

1) Heat Water or Chicken Broth. Season with salt, pepper and butter.
2) Wisk in grits.
3) Cook for 20-30 minutes stirring constantly.
4) Add Poblano peppers, Tasso Ham & cheddar cheese.
5) Continue cooking for 5 more minutes.
6) Adjust with salt & pepper as needed.

Place Quail on plate & drizzle with a little of the glaze.

Rustic Elegance… A Texas Wedding Venue

We just very recently hosted a wedding here at Rough Creek Lodge. It was perfect…just approaching the entry of the Lodge the wildflowers are in full swing, which really set the tone and mood for a wonderful event!

Friday night’s rehearsal dinner kicked-off the weekend’s festivities. Following dinner everyone convened by the Back Terrace fire pit to enjoy cocktails and s’Mores. After a good night’s rest, it was the “big day”… the ceremony itself was held at our beautiful country Chapel, complete with succulent wreaths adorning the front doors to two adorable flower girls who adeptly carried out their duties. Afterward, the wedding party once again chose the Back Terrace for the reception, complete with band, gorgeous floral arrangements and off-the-chain cuisine.

It’s Spring! It’s the perfect time to begin the search for a venue for your special day. Why not Rough Creek Lodge? Our rustic elegance offers an indelible experience: we promise your wedding will be stylishly unique, beautifully done and impeccably executed—yours.

Our own in-house wedding planner can help you make it happen. Contact us at 254-918-2542 or email at discuss your special day!

Ducks and Deer and Upland Birds, Oh My!

We are in full hunting mode here Rough Creek Lodge. The “2nd Season” for ducks starts again on December 8th and runs through January 27… if the First Season is any indication, 2nd Season promises to be crazy great!

In the meantime, Deer Season is in full force and will go through January 6th…and did we mention that the Upland Bird Season is out of control? Whew! The birds are flying and really beautiful; season ends March 31st.

Time’s a wastin’, so get your gun and reserve your spot now! (Oh yeah, a weekend hunt would be a FABULOUS Christmas gift!)

Weddings at Rough Creek (Video)

We have touted how wonderful our weddings are here at Rough Creek, but rather than tell you again, let us show you!

Allison and Ryan were married in our chapel just two weeks ago and had a fantastic reception in the Great Room. Austin-based videographer Mason Jar Films captured the big day and shared a little teaser of this special occasion.

At Rough Creek Lodge, each wedding celebration is as unique and special as the couple it represents. So if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind experience for you and your future spouse, say “I do!” to Rough Creek Lodge.

Rough Creek Featured in Texas Highways Magazine

Texas Highways Magazine included Rough Creek Lodge as one of there favorite places to “Retreat…Relax…Rebound” in their May 2012 issue. Put out by the Texas Department of Transportation, Texas Highways promotes travel and tourism in the State of Texas. We’re excited to be reviewed so wonderfully by this respected and vibrant advocate for Texas destinations! If you’ve never visited us, this short review speaks for itself… and if you have been our guest before… you know it’s all true!

Texas Highways is available in print and online at

Click here to read the article

Raves & Reviews From Our Corporate Guests

It’s no secret that we pride ourselves on the level of service, accommodations, and activities we provide here at Rough Creek. It is particularly gratifying to hear from our corporate guests that we are living up to and often exceeding their expectations when they choose us for their meeting or retreat. 

Here’s just a few of the comments that we received from February corporate guests about their retreat experience:

“Great food and accommodations”
“Fantastic venue and the service is second to none”
“Great service, unique venue”
“Great place for people who love outdoors”
“Great place to combine work and play”
“Awesome people and awesome guest service”

Great. Fantastic. Awesome. These are words we like to hear! We like nothing more than knowing that we have been able to create memorable experiences for our guests—comments like these bring a smile to our faces and fuel us to keep going. And don’t think we’re about to rest on our laurels: our philosophy is to make sure our guests are satisfied as we’re serving them. While we ask if you enjoyed your stay as your leaving, we make sure you’re happy at every point of interaction during your stay. 

Why not host your next corporate meeting or retreat at Rough Creek Lodge and experience our excellent, personal service? 

To book your next corporate meeting retreat, contact Brooke Gray at or Christy Lemons at