Dude! It’s a Luxury Ranch!

A luxury dude ranch, that is. And talk about a great family vacation: just a short drive from Dallas and Fort Worth, Rough Creek Lodge is a real working ranch and a fabulous getaway. Located at the top of the Texas hill country, the sweeping vistas will give you a sense of truly being “away from it all” underneath that big Texas sky.

You want to ride horses? Check. You want to hunt? Check. You want to…? Check check check check! It’s all here, but with a twist… it’s about doin’ it in style.

That means incredibly fine dining after a day on the range. Or taking a guided hunting trip, followed by a deep tissue massage. It means watching the kids
swim around the lazy river while you indulge in that fabulous cigar with a fine brandy or glass of wine.

Be a cowboy for a couple of days: ride your horse through fields of cattle, or schedule your family or group to be part of a real cattle drive. Have you ever tried hunting for wild hogs? It’s a great bonding experience for you and son that you’ll never forget (and it’s bound to turn you into avid hunters!).

At Rough Creek Lodge, the only thing that’s rough is the creek—which is great for hiking, by the way! As a luxury dude ranch, we lavish our weekend cowboys with great service, amazing dining, and ranch-style activities that will keep you coming back for more. Make your reservations today for one of the most unique family vacations you’ll ever take!