Five Reasons Why Glamping At Rough Creek Should Be On Your Bucket List

When you hear the word “glamping”, you probably don’t think five-star resort. Though glamping implies some level of luxury, it’s usually just a small step up from living in the wild. Whether you’ve dreamt about it thanks to the Pinterest inspired trend, or whether you’ve been avoiding it altogether because it sounds a little too much like actual camping… glamping at Rough Creek Lodge and Resort is setting the path straight, setting the standard high, and blowing everyone’s glamping expectations out of the water.

Our newly renovated glamping airstream is the pinnacle of modern luxury, and it brings life at the resort a lot closer to nature. After its grand reopening this month, we’re reminded of why we love glamping at Rough Creek. Here are the five reasons glamping at Rough Creek Lodge and Resort should be at the top of your bucket list… and trust us. It checks all the boxes.

Glamping at Rough Creek Lodge and Resort Fosters a Connection with The Outdoors

Okay, so, you didn’t hear it here first. But we all need a reminder that sometimes, you just need to unplug. What better way to do it than by staying in an airstream? Stocked with all of the necessities, it begs us all to reconnect with life’s simple pleasures, focus on being present, and soak in the many benefits of the great outdoors. Bring a stack of books, turn off your phone and relax on the front patio beneath the veil of the shady trees. After just a few days, you’ll feel relaxed, rested and inspired. You can thank us later.

The Rough Creek Airstream is The Perfect Place to Reconnect with The One You Love

You’ve seen it all over the internet: the star-crossed lovers that travel the world in an airstream. Well, that isn’t a coincidence. Here at Rough Creek, we believe that the best way to your significant other’s heart is through the door of an airstream. Because nothing says genuine connection and romance better than some secluded time away together. Invest in each other and spend time away from it all in our airstream. Want to bring some friends along instead? The airstream comes complete with an outdoor tent nestled beneath a canopy of trees, and it is perfectly accommodating to all who choose to embrace adventure and brave the outdoors.

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Luxury for The Sake of Getting Outdoors

If you thought you could only have one or the other, we are proud to prove you wrong. At Rough Creek Lodge and Resort, you can experience both the joys of the outdoors and the comfort of a luxurious getaway. Our airstream is far from ordinary, as it is stocked with luxurious linens, a state-of-the-art kitchenette, and windows that fill the vintage RV from top to bottom. Not sure if you’d miss the pampering of our five-star lodge? You don’t have to! Just look at the photos. Our airstream really does allow you to have your cake and eat it too.

You Have Full Access to The Amenities at Rough Creek

Not only can you escape to your perfect paradise for the evening, but you can also enjoy everything else Rough Creek Lodge and Resort has to offer. From our package rates to our swimming pool and everything in between, the resort is your oyster. Since our airstream is just around the corner from the main lodge, you can enjoy the luxuries of life on the ranch before returning to your own private part of the resort… Now THAT says special luxury treatment if you ask us!

Staying in The Airstream Is A Once-in-A-Lifetime Opportunity

Since airstreams are all the rage these days, this might not be the first time you’ve considered staying in one. But unlike most others, this one comes with no strings attached. At Rough Creek Lodge and Resort, you can enjoy the many benefits of life in an airstream without actually having to own or maintain it. Our staff will keep it serviced and clean throughout the duration of your stay, and you won’t have to lug it across the country. Plus, where else can you go that will provide you with an opportunity that is THIS unique?! Enjoy adventurous luxury without having to lift a finger. We call that winning.

If you’re considering which accommodations to book at Rough Creek Lodge and Resort this summer, the airstream is our premier recommendation. No matter who you’re traveling with, you can’t go wrong when you book a remote, secluded getaway in the middle of our beloved, Texas ranch. Convinced that glamorous camping is the thing for you? Email us at to find out more about how you can reserve the glamping airstream at Rough Creek Lodge and Resort all summer long.

We’ll see you soon, adventurers!