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11,000 acres is room for a lot of adventures. And Rough Creek Lodge has packed every inch with activities to appeal to everyone. Take a wild ride on our zip line, do some fishing, play video games, go on a nature hike, or hit a few balls in our batting cage. We have the largest maze in Texas, as well as a swimming pool, playground, fitness center, basketball court, archery range, and more.

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    • A person is zip-lining from a tall wooden tower with buildings and a fence in the background, under a clear sky with scattered clouds.
    • Included

    Zipline & Climbing Wall

    Challenge your rock climbing skills on our 40-Foot Climbing Wall and then propel yourself 675-foot toward Mallard Lake on our Double Zipline.

    • This image features an outdoor paintball maze with various pathways and barriers, situated next to a basketball court.
    • Included

    Largest Maze in Texas

    Experience the largest Maze in Texas! Have fun navigating the maze with friends or challenge your friends and family.

    • The image shows a person’s hand gripping a red climbing hold on an indoor rock climbing wall, with a green hold nearby.
    • Included

    High Rope Course

    • A brown horse with a white blaze on its face stands in front of a red barn with white trim, wearing a bridle with a bit attached.
    • Included

    Horse Stables

    • A person is fishing on a small boat in a lake with two white seats, surrounded by water and a distant shoreline.
    • Included

    Fishing Boat Use

    Fishing boat available, perfect for catching your own fish and exploring waters

    • A brown baby goat is grazing on green grass, with a person's hands gently stroking it, next to a wire fence.
    • Included

    Petting Corral

    Gracey with her babies Sidewinder and Twister, the miniature goats, Cowboy, the mini-horse and rabbits that we can’t keep up with to name!

    • A serene outdoor pool area with blue umbrellas, sun loungers, and a scenic view of a lake and open landscape in the background.
    • Included

    Adult Swimming Pool

    Enjoy some fun in the sun or relax your tired muscles in our Outdoor Family Pool complete with 66-foot Slide, Lazy River and Hot Tu

    • A close-up of a baseball being held by a hand is shown, highlighting the red stitching on the ball.
    • Included

    Batting Cage

    An opportunity for entertainment as well as physical activity.

    • The image shows a table tennis setup with a net, two paddles (one black, one red), and a yellow ball placed on a blue table.
    • Included

    Kid’s Ranch

    The Kid’s Ranch features foosball, air hockey, ping pong and video games.

    • Two marshmallows are being roasted over a campfire using metal skewers, with flames visible in the background.
    • Included


    Share stories around one of our two limestone fire pits while roasting marshmallows and indulging in rich, chocolate-y s’mores.

    • Multiple people are practicing archery outdoors with wooden bows, with one person wearing a blue jacket and camera.
    • Included

    Archery & Air Rifles

    The Best way to improve accuracy and aim in a safe environment.

    • A bicycle is silhouetted against a stunning sunset in an open field, with the sky painted in warm hues of orange and yellow.
    • Included

    Bicycle Use

    Discover what the hill country has to offer while biking on our beach cruisers through the countryside. You may also bring your own Mountain Bike to enjoy our challenging five-mile trail.

    • An outdoor mini golf course with artificial grass, a scenic pond, trees, and a body of water in the background, set under a clear blue sky.
    • Included

    18 Holes Miniature Golf

    • A person wearing a watch is lifting a dumbbell in a gym, with a rack of weights visible in the background.
    • Included

    Fitness Center

    Enjoy the beautiful scenery while maintaining your fitness regimen at our 24-hour fitness center.

    • A grassy field with a giant Connect 4 game, inflatable dinosaur, a hamburger toy, a football, and an orange ball. Trees in the background.
    • Included

    Sportsfield With Equipment

    Sports Field with games

    • Two individuals are playing musical instruments, one with a guitar and the other with a banjo visible in the background.
    • Included

    Live Music

    Listen to live music in the Great Room or on the Lakeside Terrace on Saturdays and Holidays

    • A person is playing disc golf, aiming a disc towards a metal basket on a grassy area, with a backpack on the ground nearby.
    • Included

    Horseshoes, Washers & Disc Golf

    Challenge a friend to an old fashioned game of Horseshoes or Washers.

    • The image shows fossils of trilobites embedded in sedimentary rock, showcasing their detailed exoskeletons and segmentation.
    • Included

    Fossil Hunting

    Round up the kiddos for an excursion to search and dig for fossils. The fossil hunt includes a bag, picks to dig for fossils and an informative book describing the different types of fossils.

    • An axe is embedded in a wooden target with a red bullseye, indicating it has been used for axe throwing.
    • Included

    Tomahawk Throwing

    Tomahawk Throwing competitions date back to the earliest years of American history. Try your hand at one of the oldest sports of our country.

    • Three people are in a canoe on a calm body of water with a grassy landscape in the background.
    • Included


    Our two-person canoes are a great way to relax, exercise and explore Mallard Lake

    • A person is walking in a scenic area with tall grass and bushes during sunset or sunrise, with a clear sky overhead.
    • Included

    Interactive Nature Trail

    Enjoy our five mile nature trail around Mallard Lake. Visit the Enchanted Forest and enjoy the native wildlife surrounding Rough Creek.

    • A close-up of a pool table showing several billiard balls, with a player blurred in the background preparing to take a shot.
    • Included

    Billiard & Dart Room

    • A person playing pickleball on an outdoor court, swung towards the ball with a paddle, wearing a cap, T-shirt, and shorts.
    • Included

    Pickleball Complex and Basketball

    Enjoy a game of pickleball with your friends! Test out your Michael Jordan skills at the basketball court!

    • This image shows a wooden tray containing metal balls and a pink ball, placed on a grassy surface next to a gravel area.
    • Included

    Shuffle Boards & Bocce Ball

    • A man and a young girl are sitting on hay bales in a farm-like setting with a wooden fence and a sunny, partly cloudy sky in the background.
    • Included


    Schedule an old fashioned hay ride for a group of your friends or family.

    • A man and two children are climbing a hill on a path with wooden railings on a sunny day. The path is surrounded by grassy terrain and rocks.
    • Included

    Gunn Mountain Lookout

    Challenge your athletic ability and climb Gunn Mountain, a spectacular view and the highest point at RCL

    • A group of people outdoors launching a model rocket, with smoke rising from the base, on a grassy field with trees and buildings in the background.
    • Included

    Rocket Launching

    • A longhorn cow stands in a grassy field with another cow in the background near a fence and trees, under a clear sky.
    • Included

    Longhorn View Area

    • People are practicing their golf swings at an outdoor driving range with covered bays and seating areas.
    • Included

    Golf Driving Range

    Practice on your golf game while at Rough Creek!

    • A bowling ball is about to strike several bowling pins, lined up in a classic formation on a reflective surface in a bowling alley.
    • Additional Charge

    4 Lane Bowling Alley

    The perfect place for a family outing, a fun date night, or a friendly competition among friends.

    • A person wearing a hat and ear protection is aiming through a rifle scope at an outdoor shooting range, lying on a wooden surface.
    • Additional Charge

    Shooting Sports

    • A person wearing ear protection and a checkered shirt is aiming and shooting a firearm outdoors, with smoke visible near the gun barrel.
    • Additional Charge

    Sporting Clays

    Our national sporting Clay Association ten-stand course features multiple traps on each stand and is the finest course in the area.

    • A man in a white shirt and beige cap is aiming a shotgun upward, possibly at a flying target, against a clear sky.
    • Additional Charge

    Wobble Trap

    A fast and furious game of Wobble Trap Shooting will test even the most experienced shooter.

    • An individual in a high-visibility vest and protective gear aims a shotgun in an outdoor setting, suggesting they are engaged in shooting practice or sport.
    • Additional Charge

    Five Stand

    Enjoy a round of Five-Stand Clay. Shooting with the assistance of our professional hunting guides.

    • A person with blonde hair is aiming a scoped rifle at an outdoor shooting range while wearing safety glasses and ear protection.
    • Additional Charge

    1,000 Yard Range

    Elevated covered shooting platform, steel targets located at multiple distances commencing at 100 yards and wind direction indicators. Remington 700 bolt action / 308 caliber sniper rig available for use equipped with long range optics, Harris bi-pod, rear monopod and anti-cant level.

    • A person receives a beauty treatment, with another person working on their eyebrows. The person appears relaxed on a cushion.
    • Additional Charge

    Spa Services

    Relax your tired, aching muscles with a sumptuous massage. Treatments include massages and facials.

    • Two people in paintball gear hide behind a large hay bale while playing paintball outdoors in a grassy area.
    • Additional Charge


    Enjoy the Paintball recreation field, perfect for team or individual play. Our guides are always on hand to assist in this fun game.

    • A person in an orange shirt and cap is holding a large fish by a lake, smiling under clear skies, with trees in the background and calm water.
    • Additional Charge

    Guided Fishing

    Enjoy a guided Bass Fishing excursion on Mallard Lake or Chalk Mountain Lake. Our guides know all the hot spots.

    • Three people are horseback riding in a grassy field. They all appear to be wearing casual attire suitable for riding.
    • Additional Charge

    Horseback Riding

    On 11,000 acres, 60- and 90-minute tours are guided by our experienced wranglers or bring your own horse and enjoy the freedom of riding our trails.

    • The image shows an outdoor pavilion with a metal roof, housing several off-road vehicles and two checkered flags on top.
    • Additional Charge

    New Kids Side by Side Track

    • Two people in outdoor camouflage clothing standing among leafless trees and bushes, one looking upwards, possibly in a hunting scenario, under dim lighting.
    • Additional Charge

    Hunting (Upland Bird & Deer)

    • A close-up image of a giraffe with a grassy field and trees in the background under a bright, clear blue sky.
    • Additional Charge

    Fossil Rim Wildlife Park (20 min)

    Drive the 9.5 mile scenic wildlife park road in your own car at the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center.

    • A person is swinging a golf club on a golf course, surrounded by lush greenery and trees, with a sand trap visible in the background.
    • Additional Charge

    Squaw Valley Golf Course (20 min)

    Squaw Valley Golf Course is located in Glen Rose just 15 miles from Rough Creek Lodge.

    • The image shows large statues of a green sauropod dinosaur and an orange theropod dinosaur in a park setting, surrounded by informational plaques and fencing.
    • Additional Charge

    Dinosaur Valley (20 min)

    Visit Dinosaur Valley state Park and see the 113 million-year-old dinosaur tracks in the Paluxy River bed, 254-897-4588.